Saturday, February 8, 2014

So, we are en route to Florida to visit my mother for a couple weeks. Today we made it almost to Richmond, VA only to have smoke come up through the floor of what has now been dubbed "The Beast," an old RV we rather impulsively bought last October.  I was totally freaked out. My husband, D, pulled over, grabbed the fire extinguisher, as I grabbed the dogs and we fairly lept off the monster in a desperate attempt to save our lives, well, maybe not "fairly" but it was an impressive leap. We couldn't decide if it was smoke or steam, but agreed there was a whole hell of a lot of the stuff going on and so distanced ourselves from the thing. We were on 95 south, and the trucks roared and barreled by and made The Beast shake side to side as the great grey clouds kept puffing from it like some unholy dragon. I was so scared and cold my butt actually started trembling uncontrollably. I have never had this happen before. I now know it to be a sign that my inner self is convinced of impending doom. I am embarrassed by my inner self's notification system.

We stood there a great while, waiting for The Beast to be engulfed in flames...the air cleared a little...still no flames but both of us still too scared to approach. After a good while, when it was clear no fire was actually occurring, we approached the crippled monster. The whole under-carriage as well as my car, being towed behind, was coated in something. It could be oil, could be coolant, we're not sure. We are thinking now that it was a blown hose and that coolant sprayed everywhere, at least that is what we are hoping for.  We called for a tow truck who towed us to some place near King's Dominion.  The shop says they can't even look at it until Monday. The owner of the shop wouldn't let us stay in the poor forlorn Beast, which we had hoped we could do. He said it was a "bad area" and we would be safer elsewhere.

I'm not too happy about that since D's upright bass and my guitar had to be left behind, but we are in a hotel now somewhat close. We've been here now for three hours. During that time Maya, our little dog, to her, and our, horror peed on the rug and D announced that the toilet had backed up. I felt so bad for little Maya. She was horrified and actually shaking in shame. This has never happened before and I blame us for not taking the two of them out earlier. I suppose I was basking in the relief of not being immolated. She has become ever so attached to me and I had to cuddle with her for some time before she became herself again. I so adore that little beast!

Meanwhile, it is 11:30 pm, I really need to pee and the hotel clerk says no one is on staff. A $70/night hotel and the answer is take this plunger and try it or wait till morning. D took the plunger, to no avail. Now we are in room 312 instead of 310 and my bladder is relieved.

Despite all this, I'm kinda excited to be forced to check out Richmond. It has always been a drive-through town for me and it really shouldn't be. It is rich with history. Tomorrow we shall explore. As my father used to say "Why hurry? You pass by more than you get to."

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